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ATOMIC SHAMPOO from Angelwax is a state-of-the-art graphene shampoo that has been formulated to prevent marring and scratches whilst washing your vehicle. The lubricity created when adding graphene to this shampoo formulation allows the wash mitt to glide effortlessly across the surface of the vehicle thus, preventing any damage to the surface of the paint.

ATOMIC SHAMPOO has been formulated for the protection of the Angelwax NEBULA graphene ceramic coating.

AngelWax Atomic Shampoo

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  • To use the product follow the steps outlined below.

    • Add between 3 and 4 capfuls of ceramic shampoo to a 15 Litre bucket of warm water and agitate to generate rich suds.
    • Rinse vehicle thoroughly and complete the prewash process to remove any loose debris and dirt.
    • Using the two-bucket wash method and dedicated wash mitt, start cleaning from the highest point of the vehicle, working downwards.
    • Rinse thoroughly to remove any remaining residue.
    • Dry vehicle using dedicated drying towel.

    Top Tip:

    After completing the wash process, add a layer of Ceramic QD to boost gloss and ensure ultimate protection.