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TidyRide - Vehicle Valeting & Detailing

Tel: ‭07396 366584‬

Email: info@tidyride.co.uk 

Facebook Messenger: m.me/TidyRide

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I am one of the professional Valeter / Detailers that will attend and care for your vehicle when you make a booking at ​TidyRide.
I have created this website to make things as simple as possible and give you the information you may be looking for.
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Frequently asked questions

Pricing & Payment

How do I pay for the work once its been done?

Payment is only due once the work has been carried out and completed
We can accept all major credit/debit cards wether they are Contactless or Chip & Pin.
We also accept Apple Pay, Google/Android Pay, Paypal, Bank Transfer, TidyRide Gift Certificates and of course Cash. If you require Bacs Details or the facility to pay by card easily, please follow this link: TidyRide-Payment Payment Methods Accepted


Can you remove cigarette smoke, dog, milk, or vomit odours from upholstery?

Yes, interiors can be shampooed and treated with biocidal cleaners, we can also use the Aromatek permanent odour removal system.

Can you remove scratches from the paintwork?

Yes, but only light scratches. If your finger nail catches in the scratch, then it is too deep. These we can improve the appearance of, but not completely remove.

Can you remove dog hair?

Yes, dog hair and odour can be removed

Can you clean convertible hoods?

Yes, we can clean convertible roofs and reseal / waterproof with Fabsil Gold water proofer.

Can I bring my car to you?

Of course, we are studio based and offer a mobile service so whichever is best for you.

Regular Maintenance Plan

TidyRide Gift Certificates

Can you send the gift certificates direct to the person I'm buying them for?

Gift Certifactes are usually sent to the person buying them but if you would like them sent to the person they are intended for, simply leave a comment/message during checkout procedure stating the address to send them to.

How long are Gift Certificates valid for?

Gift Certicates will be valid for around 3 years from the purchase date. If you need an extension please let us know.

Ceramic Coatings

Which parts of a car can be ceramic coated?

Its not just the paint which can be protected with a ceramic coating - almost every surface can also be coated: the wheels, windows, and plastic trims too, we even have coatings for leather seats and other interior surfaces giving total surface protection.

Why should I do this, the car / bike manufacturers would surely put it on at factory, if its needed?

Its usually left to the dealerships and although they do offer ceramic or other cheaper sealant services, they do tend to be more expensive and up to the buyer to choose it.

Why should I put a CFC ceramic coating on my car?

Main benefits are high gloss levels, hydrophobic finish and scratch resistance. The longevity on top of all this just makes it even better. You have a choice between 3 months to 7 years longevity.

Will my car / bike still be susceptible to scratches?

Yes it will, but much less so than before and even when it does, most light scratches do not penetrate through to your paintwork, meaning your coating has done its job of protecting your paint.

Is maintenance difficult?

Not really, with a CFC coating on your Car or Bike, it will stay cleaner for longer. We recommend a ph balanced shampoo, and CFC have one especially designed for our coatings that will help keep your coating intact and last. Do not take the car to local hand car washes or drive through automatic machines. Both can use very corrosive chemicals that will damage your coating and your paintwork after as little as one wash. Bear in mind, their aim is to get the car clean in as little time possible so they use highly corrosive chemicals designed to literally melt dirt & grime off. We also offer a Ceramic safe maintenance wash and Ceramic top up service.