Hello - Terms & Conditions

Hopefully nothing too scary on this page, just giving you some information of what you can expect from TidyRide and payment options etc.

Making a Booking & Deposits 

The easiest way to book is via this website where you can fill in all the necessary details, leave extra information that you may think may be useful and make a non refundable part payment / deposit which will secure the slot.

The online booking service uses a live calendar and knows when each TidyRide valeter has availability based on the average duration of a service.

Most service prices are 'from' and the checkout service does not take into account any addons you may have opted for etc.

This is fine as only a part payment is taken by card and the remaining balance is settled up once the work has been undertaken.

You will receive an email containing all the necessary information, please check this and notify us of any changes if needed.

Alternatively bookings can be made via email, text or phone call where all the same information will be collected and a convenient slot will be secured once a non refundable part payment / deposit is confirmed as received.

General Areas Covered - Mileage

As a general rule of thumb, we cover an area approx 10 miles radius of TQ12 4AU, we do venture further but there may be an additional charge for time and fuel beyond this point.

Payment of Remaining Balance

The remaining balance can be paid at any point if you wish but usually once the work has been undertaken and successfully completed.

We ask that the balance is settled up as soon as possible but within 7 days otherwise a 10% charge may also be added to the bill.

Payment Methods Accepted

If you need to pay a remaining balance to TidyRide this can be done using any of the following methods:


Credit / Debit Card either online or over the phone

Bacs bank transfer

Direct Debit

Visit this page for full details: tidyride.co.uk/pay

Commencing Work

At least 24 hours before your booking appointment you should receive a final reminder via text and/or email confirming time, location, valeter etc.

Please have your vehicle ready, clear of any obstructions like child seats etc.

Mobile service:

We will arrive even if the weather is forecast to be unfavourable (unless we notify you beforehand), if the weather does indeed make the work impossible we can always collect the vehicle for work to commence at the studio.

Studio service:

Please leave the vehicle as arranged, there isn't really any customer waiting on site but it is a short walk into town if you are having a relatively short service.

Cancellation / Postponement

If after making a booking you come across an issue that affects your appointment, please contact as soon as possible as there will be more chance of being able to accommodate a different start time or change of date etc.

If postponing to a later date then the initial part payment / deposit will be carried over if we are notified no later than 8 hours before your appointment start time. - Contact Us

Vehicle Condition & Safety

Todays vehicles are made up of various fragile materials and delicate electronics.

If you know of any particularly fragile areas like broken clips, freshly painted panels, refurbished wheels, broken seals etc, these should be mentioned prior to work taking place so we can take further precautions to minimise any further damage.

If we are carrying out an engine bay clean then there is a notable risk to electronic components of older vehicles.

We take all the precautions we can but this and other services are at owners risk.

We may complete a walk around check sheet and take photos prior to commencing. 


By ticking the "agree to terms" check box on the booking form you are agreeing to have read and understood the terms above.