Long lasting 9H & 10H hardness ceramic coatings & graphene coatings with high levels of protection and super glossy finishes.

TidyRide - CFC & Autobead Accredited Ceramic Car Coating Detailer in Newton Abbot and surrounding areas.

TidyRide is the only Coating Farm and Autobead accredited detailer in Newton Abbot and only one of four in the whole of Devon.

We are fully trained and accredited to apply the full range of Coating Farm and Autobead Ceramics, 1 to 10 year coatings for a variety of surfaces including vehicle body, windows, interior, leather, wheels, suitable for cars, bikes, vans etc. Long lasting 9H/10H hardness ceramic coatings with high levels of protection and super glossy finishes.

Studio based in Newton Abbot. plus we also offer a fully mobile service for the non studio only coatings..

TidyRide CFC Coating Farm Infographic of Ceramic Coating Properties

What is so special about ceramic coating for cars

Glass coating, ceramic car coating, liquid glass, nano ceramic coating, ceramic glass, car paint protection coating, is there a difference between all these products? Well, no, not really. All these terms are used to describe a nano coating based on silica/silicon dioxide (a key ingredient in glass).

Ceramic car coating keeps the surface cleaner and makes it easier to wash

These nano coatings are hydrophobic, hard, heat and weather resistant, and this is what makes them so perfect for your vehicle. A ceramic car coating makes your car paint more resilient, and easier to clean. This is because they:

  • Are hydrophobic – They repel water, so water will bead on the surface and slide off. It is also more difficult for mud and grime to adhere to the surface, making washing easier and less frequent.

  • Provide UV protection – When your vehicle is exposed to the sun, the paint will begin to oxidise and fade. A ceramic coating provides a barrier which protects from this effect.

  • Protect from chemical stains – Acidic fluids and salt will stain and etch a paint job (including bird droppings and dead bugs), but with a ceramic coating the hydrophobic property will prevent these destructive elements from affecting the paint.

  • Enhance gloss – A ceramic car coating coats your car in a slick, self-cleaning surface which makes your car glossy and shiny, like it just came out of the shop.

All exterior packages include wash, decontamination, single stage enhancement polish and preparation for ceramic coating application but exclude optional correction machine polishing as every car will require something different.
If required, paint correction is charged at £30 per hour and could require one to two days.
Please contact us for a vehicle appraisal to see exactly what is required