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Bad smell in your car? looking for a professional car odour removal service?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Bad smell in your car? looking for a professional car odour removal service? This cannot be done at your local hand car wash, you need a professional valeter / detailer with the Autosmart Aromatek odour neutralisation machine, a professional car odour eliminator.

TidyRide is the only valeter in Newton Abbot to have the technology to remove unwanted odours / bad smells from your car interior permanently.

The Autosmart Aromatek machine uses dry-vapour to fill the car with an invisible ‘fog’ which contains 32 natural oils used to neutralise and eliminate bad odours such as animal, food & smoke.

Aromatek Machine in boot
Autosmart Aromatek Odour Removal

Aromatek Benefits

Unlike using conventional methods such as fogging machines, air fresheners, household products or ‘magic trees’, the Aromatek machine uses natural essential oils to offer a clean, safe but most of all, permanent solution to removing unwanted odours.

The main benefit of using such a machine is the ability to deodorize areas of the interior which cannot be seen, and therefore reached, by usual manual methods thus being able to clean the air vent system & between all areas of the interior which will also helps to create a cleaner, fresher environment.

Odour Removal – Aromatek uses a blend of over 32 natural essential oils, designed to chemically neutralise and permanently eliminate odours caused from pets, food or nicotine sources.

Fragrance Refresher –  Available in Lemon, Orchard (fruity), Vanilla and Leather, these fragrances have been designed to mask malodours and refresh the vehicle interior for an alternative to freshen stale interiors.

What are the alternatives?

Like anything there are always alternatives which in this case are often in the form of:

Ozone fogging – This method can damage plastics and fabrics with its toxic output and can be dangerous to the operator using it which isn’t going to do your vehicle any good.

Fogging – Often used by DJ’s these steam based fog machines use wet vapour which can damage electrics as well as lifting glued surfaces such as tax disk holders. This causes residue on windows and leaves interior damp, car requires re-valeting and drying out.

Air fresheners/’Magic Tree’ – Cheap odour designed to mask the unwanted odours offering no odour removal benefit and very short shelf life.

Household products – Designed for use around the house, these won’t eliminate odours in vehicle interiors as they don’t penetrate porous surfaces nor do they neutralise or remove bacteria. They can also stain interior fabric and trim, causing more damage than they are worth.

Aromatek is the Solution

The solution to remove odour is to use dry-vapour machines due to the safe, cleanliness of use and doesn’t require further valeting after treatment to remove any unwanted mess or condensation. This also ensures that your vehicle stays completely dry and won’t damage any trim or delicate surfaces. The natural oils which are vaporised and pumped around the interior penetrate porous surfaces and neutralise odours for a permanent solution.

The Autosmart Aromatek Machine

Best used after the interior has been fully vacuumed and cleaned, TidyRide will leave the Aromatek machine running in your vehicle for at least 2 hours to remove any odours and unwanted bad smells.

You also have the option using the re-odourising service which pumps a long last fragrance into your vehicle 

Aromatek Machine


* AROMATEK is manufacturer approved for use on all vehicle marques

* Guaranteed fabric and trim safe

* Completely and permanently removes the malodour from deep within all porous surfaces

* Won’t leave behind any residue or moisture

* After extensive testing we have found none of the alternatives even come close to the results of AROMATEK

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