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How to maintain your Ceramic Coating

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

This is an easy step by step guide on How to maintain your vehicles Ceramic Coating yourself. We can of course also do it for you.

Warrany Conditions
  1. Do not wash your vehicle within the first 7 days.

  2. Do not wash your vehicle using harsh chemicals such as TFR, acids and caustic chemicals.

  3. Do not use automatic car washes, hand washing is the safest way to maintain your car.

  4. Return to TidyRide on an annual basis for a coating maintenance check.

  5. Wash your vehicle using the correct products listed in this maintenance guide and try to wash every 2 weeks on average.


Car Care Process
  1. Wheels & Tyres Safely and effectively clean your wheels and ensure your coating is maintained.

  2. Pre Wash Safely remove visible road film from your vehicle using dedicated chemicals.

  3. Contact Washing Eliminate scratching and safely contact wash your ceramic coated vehicle.

  4. Drying Efficient drying procedure to eliminate water spots on your vehicle.

  5. Additional Contamination Learn how to tackle various types of contamination that can develop throughout your coatings life.


Make sure your wheels have cooled down before starting the wash procedure.

Pressure wash the wheels and arches first to remove loose debris.

Spray a 10:1 dilution (or weaker) wheel cleaner on the complete wheel and tyre, allow to dwell for 2-3 minutes but do not allow to dry.

Using your chosen wheel brush or or mitt, agitate the soloution gently on the wheel and tyre.

Follow up with a thorough rinse and ensure you only clean one wheel at a time.

Ensure your vehicle has cooled down or is out of direct sunlight before starting the process.

If heavy insect deposits can be seen, we recommend the use of Insect Strip to remove with ease.

Winter Prewash:

Dilute Infinity Wax Citrus Prewash 10:1 in a pump sprayer or trigger bottle with warm water.

Spray on the lower or more contaminated areas of the vehicle and allow to dwell for 2-3 minutes.

Rinse well and do not allow to dry on the vehicle.

If you have access to a foam lance, use Infinity Wax Powerfoam diluted 10:1 and spray over the entire vehicle.

Allow to dwell for 5 minutes before rinsing.

Summer Prewash:

The use of Citrus prewash is recommended if the vehicle is very contaminated.

If not, skip this step and use Infinity Wax Wipeout snowfoam at 10:1.

Allow to dwell on the vehicle for 5 minutes before rinsing well.

Always use a safe wash method such as the 2 bucket method.

Fill both buckets with 10L of cold or warm water.

Use 15-25ml of Infinity Wax Pure Shampoo in the wash bucket, then agitate the water with your pressure washer to create suds.

Start washing your vehicle from top to bottom in a straight line motion. We recommend the use of a microfibre wash pad, never use a sponge as this can cause micro scratches on your coating.

Rinse the wash pad in the rinse bucket after each panel and dont allow the shampoo to dry on the vehicle.

Rinse thoroughly after the wash process.


Drying your vehicle will prevent water spots and the chance of etching or damage to your coating.

We recommend a dedicated drying towel like the Infinity Wax Twist or similar.

Dry your vehicle top to bottom and avoid using excess pressure when doing so.

You may want to dry your wheels and we would recommend a seperate drying towel for this purpose.

Drying towels used for wheels should never be used on the vehicle bodywork.

A pet blower may also help disperse trapped water.


Over the years, your vehicle may collect additional contamination such as tar or tree sap.

Most organic contamination like this can be removed at home safely using Infinity Wax Liquefy tar & glue remover.

Following the directions on the product, apply to localised area only.

For expert advise, please contact TidyRide.

If your vehicle has contamination that cannot be removed by the maintenance wash routine or dedicated decontamination products like Tar & Glue, you should contact TidyRide for guidance and possible coating inspection.

Do not use caustic or acidic chemicals as this will invalidate your coatings warranty.

If you require any of the maintenance products mentioned above please visit our shop at

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