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White Bentley Supersports car having just been detailed by TidyRide


Love your vehicle again, we can make it look and feel fantastic.

We are experts at fixing issues with the appearance of any vehicle. Increasing its value and unlocking its full potential for the owner.

Young woman hugging a car in a car showroom

Problems cleaning your car?

✗ Finding time to clean your vehicle

✗ Setting up equipment at home

Hosepipe ban - risk a fine

✗ Expensive to fund products

✗ Dont know where to start

Sometimes life just gets in the way and despite good intentions your vehicle starts to get neglected. This can lead to staining, scratching, fading etc.

TidyRide has invested a lot of time and money into equipment, products, accreditations and more so that we can take care of your vehicle for you, either as a one off service or an ongoing maintenance system. 

Nell Far

“Not one for usually doing reviews, but these guys REALLY deserve a 5 Star review. Their service was brilliant from start to finish and their attention to detail outstanding. We put both of our Mercedes estate cars in for a full valet and coating treatment and could simply not believe it when the cars came back - better than showroom condition! Both Simon and Richard are truly nice guys and take pride in their work. 11/10 - well done 👍.

Gavin Reynolds

I have a black Jaguar and used it as a wedding weekend just gone. I booked a full exterior package and Simon did a magnificent job. The car looked brand new. Many guests commented on how the car looked as it sat outside the church. Beautiful job, thanks Simon

David Miller

“Simon has made my cherished 21 year old Boxster look almost new. Really great customer service which culminated in delivery to my home 12 miles away. A real pleasure to deal with. It's now tucked away in my garage under a cover for the Winter. Bring on sunny days!


Finding a detailer that can achieve great results and be trusted with your pride and joy..

This can be daunting and bit of a mind field.

See what our previous clients thought about our services.

You are always welcome to pop by and have a chat one to one to discuss your needs.

✔️ Detailing & Ceramic Studio - Newton Abbot
✔️ Mobile Maintenance Top Up Service
✔️ Catering for Cars, Vans & Motorbikes
✔️ Collection & Drop Off Service
✔️ Open 6 Days a week, 24/7 online booking

  • When do you have availability to do......
    The easiest way to see availability is to click "Book Online" on a service, this will bring up a live calendar and show your the options available.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Newton Abbot - Devon Full address: TidyRide Unit 2 Milber Service Station Shaldon Road Newton Abbot Devon TQ12 4AU
  • Which forms of payment do you accept?
    We can accept all major credit/debit cards wether they are Contactless or Chip & Pin. We also accept Apple Pay, Google/Android Pay, Bank Transfer, TidyRide Gift Certificates and of course Cash. We can setup a direct debit for ongoing payments. Please see our payments page for options
  • Can I bring my car to you?
    Of course, we are studio based in Newton Abbot TQ12 4AU and offer a mobile service so whichever is best for you.
  • Does the Graphene Coating require any unique aftercare measures?
    No. Customers should follow the same aftercare advice which is advised after the application of any Ceramic.
  • Is it as thick as the original 5-Year Paint Coating?
    No. Thickness is not as important to this coating, the water resistance and self-drying property are. Properties which require a different type of surface tension. The original coatings thickness is great at delivering its masking and filling capabilities.
  • Where does the Graphene Coating excel?
    Water spotting resistance Higher lubricity and slickness of finish Less prone to clogging Sheeting water
  • Could I use both coatings together?
    We do not recommend layering the two products on top of one another. Though the Graphene Coating can be effectively layered. However, we have seen many instances where imperfections like road rash are only present on discrete areas of the car, e.g., lower front wing and side skirts. At the detailer’s discretion, they have chosen to use the original 5 Year on these areas to utilize the masking and filling properties, then applied the Graphene coating to the remainder of the car.
  • Which product performs better?
    Each coating performs exceptionally well on its core properties (I.e. hard surface protection, hydrophobic, micro-scratch resistance, and gloss enhancement) over 5 Years. However, each coating has its own characteristics where it will excel, giving Accredited Detailers the tools to prescribe the right coating for the customer’s car and requirements.
  • Is this a pure Graphene Coating?
    No. This is a ceramic coating infused with a graphene additive.
  • How long does the Graphene Coating take to cure?
    As with the original 5 Year Paint Coating, the 5 Year Graphene Paint Coating requires a full 24-hours to cure.
  • How is the Graphene Paint Coating different to the original 5 Year Paint Coating?
    By infusing graphene as a performance additive. This has amplified the coating’s lubricity and slickness of finishing, which in turn has led to greater water-spotting resistance, self-cleaning, and overall aesthetic finish.
  • Where does the original 5 Year Paint Coating excel?
    Masking and filling Thickness of coating Tight water beading
  • Which product is better for masking surface imperfections?
    The original 5 Year Paint Coating carries greater masking and filling capabilities, which makes it best placed to treat imperfections like road rash and stone chips.
  • When would you recommend the 5 Year Graphene Paint Coating instead of the original 5 Year Paint Coating?
    If your vehicle has surface imperfections which are irreparable with machine polishing? For example: road rash or stone chips. Then the original 5 Year Paint Coating is the better option, as it has exceptional masking and filling capabilities. If it doesn't, then selecting the 5 Year Graphene Paint Coating is optimal. Subtle improvements can be seen to the lubricity and slickness of finish, which in turn lead to practical results such as ... An added benefit of the enhanced anti-water-spotting is that the coating is less prone to clogging.

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