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Restore headlights, pass the M.O.T
2 options available


Restore headlights, pass the M.O.T
2 options available

Full headlight restoration process: 

£100 for two lights (or £55 each)

This is the main restoration process which will resurface and protect the lens.

intended to be a long term, worry free remedy.

Light oxidation removal / preventative polish and protect:

£45 for two lights (or £25 each)

(This is step 4 only of the Full restoration process) it will yield great results on lightly oxidised lights but may not last as long. You can repeat this process as and when needed.

Price (from)
Studio / Mobile
4 Hours
£100 / £45

Overtime headlights can start to fade, become yellow or blotchy as the uv from the sun or automatic car washes break down the protective layer.

This can cause the car to fail its m.o.t as it can restrict or scatter the light. Having your headlights restored will improve the overall look of your car, pass its m.o.t and work out cheaper than buying a new headlight unit.

After market headlights are cheaper but do not last as long and often do not fit quite the same.

We have recently been trained by a Californian headlight restoration professional and invested a lot into new current up to date equipment, materials and technologies that will restore headlights like no-one else in the area.

Nothing is permanent but restoring your headlights the correct way will make them last much much longer.

We now have two restoration processes to cover client budget and each vehicles needs.

Our restoration process includes sealing the headlights with either a ceramic coating, OEM acrylic resins & or a dedicated UV headlight clear coat to prevent them fading a lot longer.

Just polishing alone will not last long at all, you must replace the protective finish.

Full In Depth Restoration Process

Step 1 – Inspect & Operation

First we do a visual inspection of your vehicles headlights to check for chips or cracks that could compromise the restoration process. If they have previously been restored then there may be additional work needed especially if 2k paint clear coat has been used. This is a big no no.

Step 2 – Clean & Prepare

We clean the area around the lights to prevent contamination during the restoration process, then we carefully protect the bodywork around your vehicles headlights with valet-grade protective tapes and coverings. Taking care around and paint issues on the bumper.

Step 3 – Restore

Using a selection of specialist power tools, hand tools, sanding discs, polishing discs and compounds we gently power, hand sand and polish your vehicles headlights removing the expired finish and restoring the factory clarity and sparkle to the headlight lenses.

Step 4 – Clean & Protect

We high speed polish the lenses with a dedicated cleaner and sealant which also adds acrylic resins to aid in preventing future yellowing.

Step 5 – Final Finish

We use a spray on dedicated headlight clear coat which is resistant to UV rays and environmental conditions, adds a non yellowing, tough scratch and impact resistant coating over the lens surface.

Finally we remove the protective tapes and coverings and clean the area as necessary.

Now your headlights look straight from the factory, the beam will travel the intended distance, will be safe on the road and will pass the M.O.T with flying colours.

Studio / Mobile
4 Hours
£100 / £45
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