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TidyRide - Vehicle Valeting & Detailing

Unit 2 Milber Service Station

Shaldon Road

Newton Abbot TQ12 4AU


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Have a special someone who is hard to buy a present for? somone that has just bought a new car?
or maybe their car is in desperate need of a TidyRide service. This would be a great present for them.


Silver Interior

  • Vacuum seats, foot wells, mats, boot, parcel shelf, door pockets

  • Clean & Dress dash & centre console

  • Clean Pedals

  • Clean inside of windows

  • Quality air freshener

Silver Exterior

  • Wheels (including inner barrel), tyres and inner arches cleaned

  • Boot shut, Door shuts (including bottom of doors) cleaned

  • Fuel cap compartment cleaned

  • Traffic film remover / Snow Foam Soak

  • Pressure rinse to remove all loosened dirt prior to hand washing

  • Safe 2 Bucket method hand wash using wash & wax shampoo

  • Body and wheels fully dried with air blaster, super soft drying towels and gloss enhancing lubricant.

  • All body and wheel surfaces coated with a hydrophobic, self cleaning polymer sealant – 3 month protection

  • Exterior plastics cleaned and dressed

  • Tyres and inner arches dressed with a sacrificial layer + Shine Dressing

  • Clean outside of windows

Gift Certificate - Silver Valet