• All in one product
  • For paint, glass, leather, plastic, fabric & aluminium.
  • Used as stand alone or sacrificial layer.
  • 125° Water bead angle.
  • 6 month protection.
  • Can be used on fabrics.
  • Spray and Buff formula.


Ceramic Queen is a premium DIY and professional ceramic coating giving 6 months protection.

It can work as a stand alone coating or as a ‘sacrificial’ layer for previously ceramic coated vehicles.

If used as a ‘sacrificial’ layer it increases the bead angle and durability of the existing coating.

Above all, Ceramic Queen is versatile and thus can be used on vehicle interiors.

Materials such as leather, vinyl, wood, acrylics and plastics can all be protected.

7H Hard with easy spray on buff off application.

Can be used as a drying aid. Simply spray on wet surface and buff off.

Coating Farm Ceramic Queen

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