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Restore headlights, pass the M.O.T

Overtime headlights can start to fade as the uv from the sun breaks down the protective layer. This can cause the car to fail its mot as can restrict light. Having your headlights restored will improve the overall look of your car and work out cheaper than buying a new headlight unit The restoration process includes sealing the headlights with a ceramic coating to prevent them fading for up to 2 years*.

Restoration Process

Step 1 – Inspect & Operation
First we do a visual inspection of your vehicles headlights to check for chips or cracks that could compromise the restoration process.

Step 2 – Wash & Protect
Then we gently clean, wash then dry  your vehicles headlights using a special formulated shampoo and a soft sponge. Next we carefully protect the bodywork around your vehicles headlights with valet-grade protective tapes and coverings.

Step 3 – Restore
Using a selection of specialist cutting compounds we gently power or hand sand and polish your vehicles headlights restoring the factory finish and sparkle to the headlight lenses. Then we apply a ceramic coating to the lens, this coating will help your headlight lens repel dirty rain water. Finally we remove the protective tapes and coverings and buff as necessary.

Step 4 – Renewed
Now your headlights look like they are in factory condition, Safe on the road and will pass the MOT with flying colours.