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TidyRide - Vehicle Valeting & Detailing

Unit 2 Milber Service Station

Shaldon Road

Newton Abbot TQ12 4AU


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Gold Interior

Vacuum seats, foot wells, mats, boot, parcel shelf, door pockets
Light upholstery / seats shampoo / leather cleaned and fed
Dashboard, centre console, door cards cleaned, dressed and treated with an antistatic detailer with ceramic protection
Clean Pedals
Clean inside of windows
Quality hanging air freshener

Gold Exterior

Wheels (including inner barrel), tyres and inner arches cleaned
Boot shut, Door shuts (including bottom of doors) cleaned
Fuel cap compartment cleaned
Lowers soaked in APC.
Snow Foam Soak / Citrus pre wash
Pressure rinse to remove all loosened dirt prior to hand washing
Safe 2 Bucket method hand wash using wash & wax shampoo
Tar Spot removal & Iron Contaminant removal (Body & Wheels) Clay barred if required
Badges, britework, grills, spot lights etc cleaned
Body and wheels fully dried with air blaster, super soft drying towels and gloss enhancing lubricant.
Body hand polished, glazed or 3 month Ceramic applied.
Exterior plastics cleaned and restored
Tyres and inner arches dressed with a sacrificial layer + Shine Dressing
Clean outside of windows

Add £20 for any wet vaccing of seats required
Add £15 for dog hair, sand or wood chipping removal