Debadge your vehicle for a cleaner look....

Why would you remove the badges from your vehicle?

Many people prefer what is considered a "cleaner" look to their car or truck by removing the redundant car emblems and badges.
Many people prefer not to have their car or truck be a rolling billboard with all the extraneous car emblems and badges.

Once these emblems and badges have been removed, many people are now delighted by the fact that no longer are these extraneous emblems problematic in washing, cleaning, waxing, polishing, and detailing around.
These myriad forms of car emblems collect dust and dirt underneath and around them that create an unwanted appearance.
Allows a person to drive in covert mode. Meaning: by removing designating emblems, other people do not know which upgrade/downgrade model they are driving.
Allows a person to be "unique" in that most people simply leave these emblems in place. A very simple and often subtle way of customisation to their car or truck.

TidyRide's vehicle Debadging service is completely safe and we try to check before commencing if there are any issues that may arise from the service. E.g previous bodywork around the area, badges using pins etc.